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Our team of Talent Acquisition Professionals provide tailored Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services for Task Order Recruiting, New Contract Hiring (on-ramp), Key Personnel and Incumbent Capture. 

Workforce Solutions

We pride ourselves on being a partner to our clients, helping them rapidly scale recruiting operations, leveraging our knowledge and experience in recruiting for government programs. Our vast network of cleared technical professionals combined with cutting-edge AI technology for expansive sourcing and rapid review, allow us to quickly and efficiently identify and engage top talent. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services​

Project-Based RPO

Whether you’re on-ramping a new program, in need of rapid surge to meet client growth demands, or simply need to outsource a project to keep your recruiting team focused on other priorities, Project-based RPO allows you to scale without overburdening staff or infrastructure.  We’ll plug in to assist you with recruiting efforts on a project-to-project basis, delivering fully vetted, qualified personnel that meet the requirements of your new program.

On-Demand RPO

Use us just when you need us. On-Demand RPO services are as simple as a push of a button, allowing you to turn Waypoint support on or off as needed. Best for those occasional “purple unicorns” your customer might tap you to fill or times times when your current Talent Acquisition Team is stretched thin.

Contingent RPO

Have that recompete coming up and not sure how it fits into your current project cycle and where to find the people to deliver a compliant bid?  How about the task order that’s getting ready to drop and you haven’t yet identified Key Personnel? We can help! Contingent RPO can be used to find, vet, negotiate and get those Contingent Offer Letters (COL) in place so your bid gets submitted on time and ready for award.

Full-Cycle RPO

From cradle to grave, we’ll provide full spectrum recruiting, acting as an extension of your workforce. Our team will work directly with corporate leadership or Program Management staff to find, vet, negotiate, and place candidates your business needs to fulfill its obligations on contract or establish a new business unit.

Partial-Cycle RPO

If you’re in need of finding the right fit for your program or business and want to own the negotiating and communications element of onboarding new staff, we’ll gladly oblige. Let us know what your needs are, and we’ll get you the candidates and set you up for a smooth landing.

Technical Focus Areas

Intelligence Analysis & Operations

Cyber Intelligence, Operations, Analysis

Cloud Migration & Infrastructure

Data Analytics, AI/ML

Software / Systems Engineering: Integration, Design & Development

Physical Security, Program Security, Insider Threat (InT)


Training & Exercise Support

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